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Studio Stem


To feel truly inspired, illuminated and to let your imagination run wild with a sense of wonder.  And a sparkle of peace, love & sunshine.


 I graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2008, obtaining my Bachelor of Arts Degree with

Studio Specialization. I created Studio Stem thereafter and have been perfecting my art ever since.


I combine my creative roots along with my imaginative imagery in every aspect of Studio Stem. 

Studio Specialization

Wildlife Photography

 Family Portraits

Carpentry Artistry

Canvas Oil Painting

Canvas Stretching & Framing

​Photo Canvas


I believe that thoughts, ideas, dreams and actions can change the world. I also believe that we all have the power to create change in our own way. Therefore, Studio Stem has hosted two Solo Fundraising Art Shows thus far regarding environmental interest.

Wildlife of The Waters

June 2015 - Ocean Keepers DSF 

​Artist of The Month 

June 2015 - Studio 1291 Gallery

Studio Stem Spring Show

June 2013 - World Wildlife Fund

Kate Stemmler  BA Fine Arts


I am an avid environmentalist, ocean keeper, tree hugger, wildlife lover and a passionate artist. I am the epitome of a dreamer and I love to capture nature's beauty in my photography, carpentry, painting and design work. 

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